Q: What’s the difference between a kick line and a circus act?

A: A circus act is a cunning line of stunts.


So, I was supposed to go to the circus this past weekend in Richfield. I was all geeked up about it, but it turned out to be muddy and rainy and grey. It was sort of like playing shoe roulette with whichever pair I wanted to completely ruin next. So I ended up giving away the tickets we had previously purchased at a discount from a local florist.

Hubsband and I went to watch the elephants “raise the roof” of the circus tent at 9:00 a.m. anyhow. We saw zebras, camels, ponies, and llamas.


I was blessed enough to meet an elephant named Tracy. She’s 32, and she has freckles. Hubs asked me if I would like to take her for a spin, and my answer was all like, “Duh.”


$8 later, and off I went. I thought about running away with their company on tour several times before returning home for breakfast that morning.



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